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Welcome Parents & Guardians!

We hope you find the information here helpful and this hub to be a great resource. As you know, the sequence of steps to get through school can add pressure, so your support is crucial to your child's success.

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Career Counselor Assistance

As a part of the Destinations Program, our Career Counselor has developed a partnership with the Indian River County School District. With your permission, our Career Counselor can attend your teen’s guidance counselor meetings and communicate with school personnel about graduation requirements and other important issues, ensuring your teen is on track to graduate.

Currently, our Career Counselor can attend guidance meetings at Vero Beach High School, the Freshman Learning Center, and Sebastian River High School, based on our agreement with the school district. Our Career Counselor does have open lines of communication with the Indian River Charter High School and Tabernacle Christian School although we do not currently attend guidance meetings. If you haven’t filled out this permission form for our Career Counselor to attend these meetings yet, please obtain a copy at the Club, fill it out and turn it back in at the front desk.


Tutoring for Teens

Tutoring is offered at no cost at both Vero Beach High School and Sebastian River High School. Teens can find more information at their guidance counselor's office about when tutoring is offered and for what subjects.

Additionally, the Indian River State College campus here in Vero Beach offers free tutoring to high school students in a variety of subjects. Students and parents/guardians must fill out a permission form and attend an orientation. Click the button below to find our more information on this tutoring service.

IRSC Academic Support Center

Additionally, our BGC IRC Career Counselor works with our teens to help them secure tutoring in the areas of study needed the most. These tutoring sessions take place at the Clubs.